The Restoring Teas That You Need To Try

Published on 09/27/2020

The mystery methodology behind tea has been around for centuries, with teas and herbs being used to cure everything and anything. Teas today are still used across the globe in a variety of cultures and for an array of reasons. In Western culture, we too use tea for symptom relief, for detoxification, and of course to warm and soothe our souls on a cold day. However, these teas have a fantastic effect on your mindset, tea is known to be calming for the body and mind, try these the next time you are feeling a tad anxious or overthinking and see just how soothing tea can actually be! Get your tea ready and read on:

Green Tea

The Restoring Teas That You Need To Try


Chamomile is a very well-known tea relaxant, with that being said chamomile tea is great to calm the mind and body. Chamomile will help you relieve stress and soothe over an intense day, it will also ensure you have a good night’s sleep and one that is deep and soothing. The mild sedative aspects go a long way when it comes to this cup of tea. Tea can also help reduce the negative effects and consequences of caffeine from the day.


Peppermint tea not only smells incredible but it is arguably the best tea when it comes to any abdominal or digestion issues. This is the ultimate remedy for cold and flu as well as stomach discomfort and nausea. Individuals will usually drink peppermint tea after dinner in order to settle their stomachs and allow for a good night’s sleep, however, if you are feeling nauseous and need a quick remedy brew up a cup of peppermint tea!


Kahwa is made from a mix of Kashmiri green tea, whole spices, saffron, and nuts. The mixture is jam-packed with antioxidants and will leave you feeling relaxed. This tea is great to reduce anxiety. That heart-throbbing and somewhat suffocating feeling is calmed, it is not only the tea but the act of calmly sipping that helps the body and mind relax! This is a great rejuvenating mix and something that can be drunk at any time of the day.


Well not only good for cleansing the home and clearing the energy but sage is a top-notch muscle relaxant. When you are feeling body aches and pains or mental exhaustion sip on some sage tea and let your problems be a thing of the post…or for tomorrow. Sage is great


A hidden secret is the wonders of fennel tea, you can use the seeds to brew your own tea. If you chew the seeds they have an even greater effect. Simply add a teaspoon of fennel seeds to boiling water and let soak, they do rise this is normal. Fennel assists in digestion, bloating and can aid in weight-loss. The tea needs to be drunk consistently. Fennel is great for those with any stomach issues or syndromes. Fennel will de-bloat and relieve any gas or discomfort.