This Is How You Can Break Bad Habits Right Now

Published on 04/10/2022

We all have them: habits that aren’t good for us or that just annoy us. But again and again one is too lazy to tackle it. Here are 5 tips on how to finally do it.

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This Is How You Can Break Bad Habits Right Now

Changes Step By Step

There are days when you didnt bring lunch to the office, when you got home, you throw yourself in front of the TV for binge-watching at the end of the day.
There are days when you almost feel like you’re born entirely out of bad habits . And that’s just too much to handle, isn’t it?

Know What The Trigger Is

Bad habits often have a specific trigger. Maybe you belong to the group of people who take your bad mood out on others for no reason just because you are having a stressful day. Although people cannot help your bad mood, they are still victims of your emotions. Or maybe you too tend to reach for chocolate and other unhealthy snacks when you’re under stress and need something to comfort or distract you. Become aware of when you tend to your bad habits and what exactly leads to them so that you can really change them.

Look For Alternatives To Compensate For Your Triggers

Once you have identified your triggers, it is up to you to find sensible alternatives. Instead of reaching for chocolate and chips when you’re feeling tense or stressed, consider fruit. And instead of smoking a cigarette, it makes sense to chew sugar-free gum or, if you are stressed, to look for other relaxation techniques that are significantly healthier than nicotine. If you tend to take your moods out on co-workers, make it a point to take a deep breath and calm down before engaging in conversation with your co-workers.

Avoid Bad Temptations

Do you just want to come along when your work colleagues go to a fast food restaurant during their lunch break without eating anything themselves? Difficult, because most of the time it’s just as unsuccessful as resisting the chocolate that has crept into your shopping cart. It is best to avoid nasty temptations altogether. This makes it much easier for you to stick to your new good habits and avoid frustration.

Accept Help

It is always easier to make changes together than alone. Tell close friends, such as family members or colleagues you work closely with, about your resolutions and get help if necessary. It’s best if you find like-minded people to associate with. Maybe there are groups on social media for people who want to quit smoking that you can talk to, or maybe you can convince your family members to eat healthier in the future. If you are lucky, your colleagues will also want to avoid fast food in the future, so that you can regularly have something healthy for lunch together instead of constantly going to the snack bar around the corner.